Blizzard's Next MMO to Contain In-Game Ads, Modern Setting in the Cards?

Maximum PC Staff

As is its way, Blizzard has scarcely uttered a peep about its next MMO opus, codenamed  “Titan.” The notoriously secretive developer may, however, have provided us with a rather large hint via a job listing on the prowl for someone who can “Work with major consumer brands to facilitate product placement and licensing within the world of Blizzard Entertainment's next-gen MMO that enhances the gameplay experience." You don't often see Orcs, for instance, drop their battle axes to pick up their T-Mobile Sidekicks and respond to a text. So then, odds are that the ads will make sense one way or another, which pretty much narrows the setting down to present or near-future. Well, unless World of Warcraft 2: Electric Boogaloo Fueled by Dew is on the way. But that's a world we'd prefer not to live in. Or think about. Ever again.

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