Blizzard Promises That Diablo 3 Will Kick Your Ass (If You Want It to)

Maximum PC Staff

Diablo III's beta is nice and all, but in this case, that's the problem. The mean streak Diablo I and II players so fondly remember has seemingly had its edges rounded and then carved into perfect replicas of each of the Carebears. Blizzard, however, is quick to note that Normal mode hardly even scratches the surface of Diablo III's penchant for inflicting grievous harm on both your character and your pride. The hell-bound hack 'n' slash will apparently slice and dice players with all manner of nastiness on higher difficulties, and Blizzard's even gone so far as to release a video detailing the entire gruesome process. Aptly titled “You Will Die. We Promise,” it's basically a couple minutes of various developers promising that you will die. So that's cheery. Check it out after the break.

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