Blizzard Denies Barring Linux-Loving Diablo III Users, Says Banhammer Hit Actual Cheaters

Brad Chacos

Despite its record-setting sales success, Diablo III has seen its fair share of criticism Yesterday saw a damning new accusation leveled at Blizzard: several and WineHQ forum users claimed that they'd been banned from the game simply for playing it on Linux, using Wine. The flames fanned rapidly, with the thread rapidly growing to over 45 pages in length in less than 20 hours. But is Blizzard really swatting the banhammer at Linux lovers?

In a word, no. A Blizzard moderator leaped out of the woodwork to drop the following tidbit o' knowledge :

We’ve extensively tested for false positive situations, including replicating system setups for those who have posted claiming they were banned unfairly. We’ve not found any situations that could produce a false positive, have found that the circumstances for which they were banned were clear and accurate, and we are extremely confident in our findings. Playing the game on Linux, although not officially supported, will not get you banned – cheating will .

Some tinfoil hat types continue to claim that Blizzard is lying, but a small horde of users have posted that they're still playing Diablo III with Wine with no problems whatsoever. So there you have it, demon slayers: as long as you're not trying to transmogrify your Wine-based Diablo III experience into bot-herded gold, you should be good to go.


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