Blitz Red Dragon Memory From Avexir Available in Europe

Brittany Vincent

Blitz Red Dragon memory branded to match MSI Gaming motherboards

Avexir's latest memory kits are not only useful, but stylish, with the Blitz Red Dragon 1.1 DDR3 memory series sporting a black and red motif with tribal dragon designs. They've also got red LEDs on the top of each piece, which can be set to pulse as though they're breathing, giving the hardware a more "organic" feel. Just like a dragon. Any Targaryen fans in the house?

The Red Dragon units range between 1600 and 3200 MHz, with timings set at CL9 and CL13 for 1600 MHz and 3200 MHz modules, complete with Intel XMP 1.3 support. Unfortunately, these memory kits are only available currently in Europe, starting at €100 for the 8 GB kit. Unfortunately, there's no word just yet on whether or not we could see these slick-looking kits in the U.S. -- if you're in Europe, however, you've got some neat-looking hardware to pick up.

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