BlackBerry Stops the Bleeding, Posts a Small Profit



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Sir Hobbes3

I'm glad BB posted a profit, their phones are indeed revolutionary and the only thing i feel they are lacking is more major app support to attract people from Android and iPhone.



Good. This is right in line with their recovery plan that they published awhile ago. More competition is always good. Here's to hoping the next quarter is even better.

Hopefully, they can start innovating again. I'd love to see another playbook, this time with BB10. I know they're still supporting the old one; I turned mine on the other day after breaking my Nexus to find a major software update was just released.



That update was the last official one, it was released about a month or two ago. I'd also like to see a second PlayBook but this time a fully baked one and not the half finished product they sold us. (It had so much potential)

I still have and use mine but it's clearly a little long in the tooth compared to almost anything out today.