BlackBerry Co-Founders Consider Buying Back the Struggling Smartphone Maker



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You know what really grinds my gears?

When no other company offers world level data encryption like BlackBerry (even the NSA can't crack it) and at the same time, nobody buys Blackberries.



I totally agree. I think Google should buy their enterprise assets.


Keith E. Whisman

I have to use a Blackberry at work and the thing is just too damn complicated. It's not simple to navigate without reading a manual like iOS and Android are. I would just like to see blackberry die already.



It's not that hard... Swipe up to exit apps and go to home screen, swipe down for settings in all apps, and swiping left or right allows you to navigate in apps or see notifications. I don't see what's so hard about that. Is it different? Yes but, that doesn't automatically make it more complicated.



Too complicated?? You should probably switch back to a rotary dial phone. I regularly use iOS, Android and BB10. Each has its good points, obviously, but BB10 has a feeling of polish I find lacking in Android, and a flexibility and openness that's totally alien to iOS.

The BlackBerry virtual keyboard is a particular standout, leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. BlackBerry gets everything right, especially the ability to do word completion while never, ever getting in the way. They should sell a version for Android, I'd buy it in a second.

It's a shame that market momentum dooms BlackBerry, the company. It's got an excellent product, just took a bit too long getting it out the door.



Yeah, tend to agree. The smart phone market is saturated, and Blackberry's only possible choice right now is to become just one more marketer of android devices, (or theoretically shack up with ubuntu or firefoxOS and be exactly the same thing for them in a year's time)

or become a patent troll over those few IP's that it still retains regarding messaging and email, and be a smartphone company in name only.

the only people interested in buying are the people already with a vested interest in not seeing their stock liquidated entirely. I doubt Google wants it considering it already owns Motorola and a lot of similar patents.



Notice that the only interested parties are those who already own a pile of the now-worthless stock. I'm sure they're not just trying to inflate the price before cashing out... It was a great run Blackberry and you created the smartphone, but the world has moved on. You know what they say about pioneers - they end up with an arrow in the ass.