Blackberry Users Look Longingly Toward iPhone and Android, Says Survey

Ryan Whitwam

A new survey of smartphone users paints a pretty grim picture for RIM and their Blackberry line of smartphones. According to market research firm Crowd Science , 40% of blackberry users plan to swap their device for an iPhone come the end of their contract. And it’s not just the iPhone that has these normally reserved business types excited. The survey also indicates that 32% would be willing to trade in their Blackberry for a Google Nexus One.

Crowd Science also asked about how people use their phones, and this may provide some insight into why people seem ready to jump ship. According to the report, people want to use their phones for both business and personal use. Only 16% of Blackberry users say they use their device for personal matters. About two thirds of iPhone users report using the phone for at least some personal and business exercises.

If RIM has any magic left, they might want to bring it to bear. In contrast, over 90% of iPhone and Android users planned to stay with their platform of choice come the next upgrade. Let’s hope Blackberry OS 6.0 can turn some frowns upside down. It’s going to take more than good keyboards to fix this.

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