BlackBerry Users Fleeing, Says Gadget Buyer

Ryan Whitwam

Gazelle is a service that buys old gadgets, and pays out cash and gift cards, but there’s one type of trade-in that’s been conspicuously up in recent days. According to the company, there has been an 80% jump in people selling their BlackBerry smartphones since last week. This smashes the already high record number of sales early in the month.

There are likely two reasons for the new exodus from BlackBerry. First, and most obviously, is last week's huge server outage at RIM that left users worldwide without service for several days. RIM has offered a $100 credit for app purchases, but users are apparently unimpressed. The other factor is the release of the iPhone 4S.

Gazelle also reports an uptick in Android trade-ins, but mostly from the Sprint network where there was probably a pent up demand for an iPhone. Do you think RIM can turn this around?

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