BlackBerry Storm 3 Spy Shot Leaks?

Ryan Whitwam

No one's heard a peep from RIM about the possibility of a third iteration of the BlackBerry Storm line of touch screen smartphones. But here we have a fairly convincing shot of what is apparently just that. The new handset will apparently have a slightly larger 3.7-inch display, 8GB of built-in storage, and possible a mobile hotspot feature.

The phone will most likely be a Verizon release and could hit stores by the end of the year. This would fit with the previous release schedule, and would give RIM time to get the new BB6 operating system on the phone. This possible Storm 3 has an optical trackpad, which is different from previous Storm models. RIM did not include the click screen SurePress technology in the recently released Torch, but it is unclear if the Storm line will continue to use it. Does this handset interest you at all?

Image via BerryReview

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