BlackBerry PlayBook to Come Preloaded with Tetris and Need for Speed

Paul Lilly

Think Research In Motion's upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook is only for business users? It's not, and to drive that point home, the PlayBook will sport a couple of preloaded games : Need for Speed Underground and Tetris. These are full-version titles that come standard with the device, and not game demos, though you do have the option of purchasing additional cars in NFS.

From the video above, the in-game action looks smooth and bodes well for the PlayBook. At about the 1min10sec mark, RIM's Director of Developer Relations, Mike Kirkup, turns on the nitro in NFS, and the action intensifies without a blip. And while this was going on, there were a handful of OpenGL applications running in the background, including a Quake demo.

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