BlackBerry PlayBook Drops to $300 at Best Buy

Paul Lilly

It looks like Amazon's the one with the playbook others will try to copy, not Research In Motion. In fact, the Kindle Fire's $199 price point is already having an effect on the competition, and it's not even slated to ship until mid-November. Be that as it may, Best Buy just slashed the price of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook to $300, presumably with RIM's blessing.

There aren't any mail-in-rebates or other hoops to just through, just a flat $300 price tag for the 16GB model. That's $200 off the original selling price, and each of the other two models also received a discont. The 32GB model is now selling for $400 and the 64GB PlayBook is on sale for $500.

RIM announced during its Q2 earnings call earlier in the month "a number of promotional plans in place for the fall with retail partners that are intended to drive sell-through and increased adoption of the BlackBerry PlayBook." Those promotions were already taking place before Amazon unveiled its Kindle Fire yesterday, but most of them involved partial price discounts with mail-in-rebates attached.

Image Credit: RIM

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