BlackBerry Jumps on the Virtual Assistant Bandwagon

Paul Lilly

Cortana, Siri, Google Now, meet BlackBerry Assistant

Starting soon, pretty much any smartphone you buy will come with a virtual helper. Microsoft's Windows Phone platform has Cortana, Apple's iOS software has Siri, Google's Android OS has Google Now, and beginning with BlackBerry 10.3, BlackBerry users will have BlackBerry Assistant to boss around and ask for help . BlackBerry Assistant is the Canadian handset maker's equivalent to all the others, and it will act similarly.

BlackBerry's Social Media Marking Lead, Donny Halliwell, says BlackBerry Assistant will be voice activated when you need it to be. He also said that it will learn and adapt to your queries the more you interact with it.

"If you’ve had experience with other smartphone-based personal assistants, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how accurate BlackBerry Assistant is at recognizing your requests," Halliwell stated in a blog post announcing the feature update.

BlackBerry Assistant will perform most things you'd expect it to, like set reminders, look up information online, read back emails, and so forth. It probably won't be enough to get BlackBerry where it wants to go in the mobile space, but it does address what's become a glaring omission among the various available platforms.

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