Blackberry CEO Believes Phones Will Be The Primary Computing Device Within Ten Years

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Blackberry still believes phones are the future.

Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins shared his vision of the future with ABC’s Joanna Stern , and surprise surprise, the future looks bright for Blackberry. Heins claims that ten years from now the phone will be the only device we carry, and accessories to compensate for the form factor of the device will be commonplace. "We are talking about a mobile computing experience that makes sure that for you as a user, you only have to carry one computing device... then you get peripherals around it that make your life much more easy than it is today carrying a tablet, carrying a smartphone, carrying a laptop, going to your office and having a desktop."

If a fully mobile future is the reality Blackberry is counting on, it’s certainly not without risk. For one Blackberry would need to hold on to its declining market share for another full decade, and secondly they would need to out innovate Apple, Google, and Microsoft who all have vastly superior resources. It’s not difficult to imagine that smartphones ten years from now will be pretty bad ass, but so will Intel, and hopefully AMD powered PC’s.

Heins also made his thoughts on Android quite clear, and he considers the security situation to be a complete mess. "You don't know how many keys you've given to the main door of your house because it's open software," he said in an interview with CNET . "So what are you trying to do? You're locking the windows."

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