BitTorrent Announces P2P-Based File-Sharing App

Ryan Whitwam

A new service from BitTorrent Inc. is looking to challenge established cloud storage and sharing services like Dropbox. Share is a p2p-based system that uses the BitTorrent protocol to share files of any size with an unlimited number of contacts. Share will leverage Amazon’s EC2 and S3 infrastructure to cache files so users don’t even have to be online at the same time to share files.

The problem with file sharing services is that bandwidth and hosting costs tend to eat up the budget. With Share, files will be taken off the cloud as soon as they are cached by a sufficient number of peers. Essentially, the network becomes its own cloud that costs BitTorrent nothing in the way of storage.

The Share app will initially only be available on Windows, but a beta of uTorrent for Mac will have the functionality built in soon. The plan is to have the Share service integrated with the Windows version of uTorrent at some point as well. The service is expected to be free when it launches. Users will just have to share a little hard drive space to keep the cloud alive.

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