Fires Back at Google with QR Codes

Ryan Whitwam

Google's URL shortener is now fully active, and available to everyone. Many predicted this would be bad news for, but the company isn't going down without a fight. One of the useful features of is that you can add ".qr" to any of the shortened URLs to get a scannable QR code. QR codes can be scanned with many mobile phones. Now is adopting the same feature .

This will work with regular links, as well as the custom version used by many sites. Just add .qr and you'll get the page with the QR code. But what's that? Under the QR code we see the mascot about to make a snack of some colorful orbs. Some Google-colored orbs, in fact. Yeah, take that Google. and both provide excellent analytics on shortened links, but has not fully rolled out its API, so it is not implemented in as many places. Have you ever used the .qr trick on a link? Will you now?

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