BitFenix Announces Phenom Case for Small Form Factor Builds



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Only get the M-ITX if you REALLY need that liquid cooling and storage on your mobile computer. the M-ATX is an amazing SFF, but I would rather get another smaller mITX for a portable PC, since I won't use more than 2 bays and no water cooling.



(Avril Lavigne voice with a lot of sarcasm)DOH! Greeeat! Nooooowww they come out with this AFTER I've built my mATX system! AURRGH! Thanks-a-lot BitFenix!



Problem with this case which is just a prodigy without the handles is it has a pretty big footprint on your desk. It is more mini atx then itx. If you are going to get this you might as well get a midsize which is better looking. Why cant someone make an even better sg05/sgo6 or a mini tower a little bigger then say the tiki and bolt. Shrink a c70 vengeance down to mini itx all metal or a coolermaster scout to mini itx still nothing out like that.



Re-skinned Prodigy M, minus the optical drive bay - not that it's a bad thing, just looks almost the same inside. Keep the small form factor stuff coming, Steam Boxes will have to be built from some form of these compact yet expandable cases. More options are better.