BitFenix Super Sizes Popular Shinobi Case, Dubs It 'Shinobi XL'

Paul Lilly

When we reviewed BitFenix's Shinobi Window, we praised the company for managing to "pack a whole lotta class into its miniscule frame," noting that the case stood "firmly in mid-tower territory" at 8.1 inches wide, 18.1 inches high, and 19.3 inches deep (you can read the full review here ). If you believe that size matters and found yourself yearning for something bigger, you might be more interested in BitFenix's new Shinobi XL, a bigger version of the original.

The Shinobi XL doesn't have a side window option, or at least not yet, but it is an overall bigger chassis measuring about 9.6 inches wide, 22.4 inches high, and 21.9 inches deep. By super sizing the Shinobi, the XL version supports up to XL-ATX form factor motherboards.

"Since the introduction of our original Shinobi, fans have been writing in and posting in forums asking for a larger version," says BitFenix Product Manager David Jarlestedt . "Boasting all new features and nearly limitless flexibility for modders and water cooling enthusiasts alike, Shinobi XL is a lot more than just a size update – it's a complete revamp."

Like the original, the XL version sports meshed fan vents and a brushed aluminum logo on its SoftTouch exterior. Unlike the original, the XL model boasts nine PCI slots, four USB 3.0 ports, and a BitFenix SuperCharge port specifically designed for charging mobile devices with up to 2.5A of current.

Water cooling gurus can remove the FlexCage hard disk rack (which can also be rotated) to make room for a host of liquid cooling equipment, including a 360mm radiator on top, a 360mm radiator in front, or a 240mm radiator on the bottom. If you're more into air cooling, BitFenix points out the Shinobi XL comes with two 230mm and a single 120mm Spectre fan, with additional fan mounts throughout the case.

BitFenix Shinobi XL will be available in March 2012 for $149.

Image Credit: BitFenix

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