BitFenix Outlaw Rides into Town with a $49 Price on Its Head

Paul Lilly

BitFenix broke a fistful of rules when it designed its new Outlaw mid-tower gaming chassis. It starts with the motherboard tray, which has been flipped upside down so that the graphics card -- typically one of the hottest components in any gaming build -- sits close to the top in close proximity to the two top fan vents, and where there's more room for today's elongated graphics cards.

Where BitFenix really broke tradition is in sending the Outlaw out into the world with a $49 price tag. BitFenix says it "set out to design a value gaming chassis like no other on the market... offering features normally found on cases twice the price." Flipping the motherboard tray on its head is just the beginning. BitFenix also slapped a coat of its SoftTouch Surface Treatment to the front bezel for stain resistance and a soft feel.

The Outlaw sports an all-black interior, eight 120mm fan mounts (rear exhaust fan included), four 5.25-inch and four 3.5 inch drive bays, 2.5-inch SSD mount, cable management features, thumbscrews, and a CPU cutout.

The Outlaw rides into town at high noon sometime in September.

Image Credit: BitFenix

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