BitFenix Neos Brings Color to the Budget Market

Paul Lilly

A value minded case line that comes in four color options

Looking to express yourself with your PC? Maybe you just want to run with a color theme. Either way, BitFenix's new Neos case line gives budget buyers several color options , along with uncluttered styling, upgradeability, and an "affordable" price tag. Buyers also have the choice of picking up a Neos with or without a side panel window -- both versions come with a colored mesh front panel available in black, blue, red, or silver.

"Of course, the mesh itself is not merely cosmetic. A closer look reveals extra-large holes that allow for unencumbered airflow to system components. At the same time, this mesh design allows the negative space behind it to actually become a part of the overall design, providing a subtle yet appealing design element to the case," BitFenix says .

Other features include USB 3.0 support, tool-less hard disk and optical drive installation, support for 2.5-inch SSDs, dust filters, and compatibility with graphics cards up to 30 centimeters long.

Two included 120mm fans on the windowed version handle cooling duties, and there's room for a third 120mm fan as well. The non-window version comes with a single 120mm fan.

You'll notice in the video above that several references are made to the Neos being a "reasonably priced case." Unfortunately, BitFenix didn't include the MSRP(s) in its press release. We've reached out to BitFenix for information on how much these cases will cost and will update when we hear back.

The BitFenix Neo with window and without window will both be available soon.


BitFenix tells us the Neos will sell for $49 without a window and $59 with with a window. Also, the windows will be available separately and will fit both the Neos and Comrade.

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