BitFenix Gives Birth to a Mini-ITX 'Prodigy' with Support for Big Size Components

Paul Lilly

The whole point of building a mini-ITX system is to have something with a small footprint that you can tuck inconspicuously out of the way or plop on your desk without having it dominate your work/play environment. And that's well and good, but it typically means making sacrifices in your component selection. What if you didn't have to? That's the question BitFenix asks with its new Prodigy, "the first mini-ITX chassis designed with enthusiasts in mind."

BitFenix says the Prodigy is a small case with big ideas, and by that, the case maker means it supports long graphics cards, tower coolers, and even water cooling radiators, all of which are components you don't often find crammed into the tight confines of a mini-ITX enclosure.

"The wave of enthusiast class mini-ITX motherboards is upon us, and with Prodigy, users finally have a case to match," says BitFenix Product Manager David Jarlestedt. "No longer will users have to choose between compact size and blazing performance. With Prodigy, mini-ITX users can finally have it all."

Toss aside the side panel and you'll find room for up to five 3.5-inch hard drives or solid state drives for home server, HTPC, or NAS box chores. If you remove the middle portion of the FlexCage, the Prodigy will happily play nice with long graphics cards up to 320mm (a little over 12.5 inches), which means you can shove a GeForce GTX 690 or Radeon HD 7970 card in there and have room to spare. Removing the FlexCage altogether makes room for a 240mm water cooling radiator.

The Prodigy supports standard ATX power supplies, has two USB 3.0 supports on the front I/O panel, is suspended by two handles on the top and bottom made from BitFenix FyberFlex Composite, "a revolutionary new material that is very flexible yet offers incredible strength," and is coated with the company's SofTouch Surface Treatment, which feels like the material used on rubberized smartphones.

BitFenix says the Prodigy , available in silver or black, will land on store shelves in early June with an MSRP of $79.

Image Credit: BitFenix

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