BitFenix Expands Prodigy Case Color Options

Paul Lilly

A colorful mini-ITX case line.

Maybe you already saw that BitFenix offers a mini-ITX case family ( Prodigy ) and thought to yourself, "Self, if only the darn thing came in green or blue, I'd totally be sold!" If that sounds at all familiar, then (A) you may want to construct an aluminum foil deflector beanie to prevent BitFenix from continuing to read your mind, or (B) think up other ideas you'd like to see BitFenix implement, the company is listening.

New to the Prodigy case line today are Vivid Green and Cobalt Blue color options, meaning you have up to six different colors to choose from. The others include Arctic White, Midnight Black, Atomic Orange, and Fire Red.

"Of course, these new models come with all the same features that made Prodigy the mini-ITX case of choice for thousands of users around the world," BitFenix says . "From the clean, uncluttered design to the choice materials like FyberFlex Composite and SofTouch™ Surface Treatment, Prodigy Green and Blue users will experience the same BitFenix quality that has brought the original Prodigy to the top of the charts."

As a refresher, the Prodigy supports up to five 3.5-inch hard drives or 2.5-inch solid state drives, graphics cards up to 320mm (12.59 inches) in length, and can even accommodate a 240mm radiator (requires removal of the FlexCage).

Green and blue Prodigy cases will be available later this month.

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