Maximum PC Staff Apr 15, 2010

BitDefender Internet Security 2010

At A Glance

The Good

You can select different layouts based on type of user. Fast scan time.

The Bad

Lengthy install with required restart. Mandatory registration. Laggy web surfing.

This security suite has more personalities than Robin Williams

Ever been blindsided by what you thought was love at first sight, but turned out to be just another pretty face? Eventually you find yourself at a crossroads having to decide whether to break things off, or stick around for the fast ride and ignore the flaws.

Such is the position BitDefender puts you in, and you’ll ultimately have to make the same decision. Right off the bat we encountered a couple red flags of things to come, including a somewhat lengthy install time requiring a restart, and mandatory registration in order to activate the license.

BitDefender allows you to choose from one of three preset profiles, or create your own custom layout.

Once we got past the initial awkwardness, BitDefender proceeded to sweep us off our feet by tailoring itself to our needs. BitDefender’s configuration wizard asks you to select from four different layouts based on what type of user you are, including Typical, Parent, Gamer, or Custom. Should you later change your mind, you can rerun the wizard with a click of the mouse.

Power users will want access to all the bells and whistles, and there are plenty of them. But if you’re installing BitDefender on Aunt Mildred’s machine, you can opt for a super-simple layout, effectively sweeping all the fine-grain controls under the rug in favor of a user-friendly dashboard. There’s even a middle option for folks who want a little more control but not the whole kit and caboodle.

But underneath BitDefender’s pretty face are a few niggling annoyances. Surfing the web suddenly felt laggy, and BitDefender failed five of Spycar.org’s 17 spyware tests. It fared much better during our real-world virus attack, though it did let a rogue program cut off access to the Task Manager.

Even still, BitDefender’s super-fast subsequent scan time of two minutes, 30 seconds smoked most of the competition and had us rethinking our priorities, but we’d always know we settled.

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BitDefender Internet Security 2010

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