Biostar Unveils Three H55-Series Motherboards


Coinciding with the launch of Intel's next-gen 32nm Clarkdale processors and H55 chipset, Biostar this week announced three new boards built around the freshly minted platform, including the TH55 XE , TH55 HD , and TH55B HD .

The TH55 XE stands out as a mATX mobo designed with a "stylish black PCB" in a segment typically neglected in the aesthetics department. Biostar says it serves up support for Clarkdale Core i5/i3/Pentium 45/32nm series chips. It also comes with all solid caps, a 7-phase CPU power supply, and a Japan made PSE capacitor for better heat dissipation.

Other features include four memory slots with support for dual-channel DDR3-2000, a single PCI-E x16 slot, PCI-E x1, two PCI slots, 8-channel audio, and HDMI.

The TH55 HD also shares the same mATX form factor and black PCB design, though memory support tops out at DDR3-1800. Same deal with the TH55B HD, except it also drops down to a 5-phase power design.

Image Credit: Biostar


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