Biostar: No Worries, Our 6 Series Mainboards Fully Support Native PCI-E Gen. 3

Paul Lilly

In preparation for Intel's upcoming 22nm processor refresh, Biostar wants to get the word out that each and every one of its 6 Series motherboards fully support native PCI-E Gen. 3 when paired with chipzilla's next generation Ivy Bridge CPUs. According to Biostar, each board is able to pass the signal test of PCI-E Gen. 3 technology without any hardware changes, unlike at least one other board maker who was accused of having "fake" PCI-E Gen. 3 support.

PCI-E Gen. 3 claims are sometimes a point of controversy, just as we saw in September when MSI called shenanigans on Gigabyte's implementation. MSI put together a boatload of slides calling Gigabyte out for using "fake" Gen. 3 switches and other non-compliant hardware. MSI then demonstrated that by plopping a 22nm CPU into a board that isn't fully PCI-E Gen. 3 compliant, it drops down to Gen 1. x8.

This is why Biostar is making it a point to announce that its 6 Series boards are up to snuff. The list of mainboards that fully support native PCI-E Gen. 3 is long and includes the following boards:

Intel Z68

  • TZ68K+
  • TZ68A+

Intel P67

  • TP67XE (PCI-E 16_1 slot only)
  • TP67B+

Intel H67

  • TH67A+
  • TH67+
  • TH67B
  • TH67XE
  • H67MU3
  • H67MH

Intel H61

  • TH61 ITX
  • TH61
  • TH61A
  • TH61U3+
  • H61B
  • H61MLV
  • H61MLC
  • H61MGC
  • H61MHB
  • H61MLB
  • H61MU3
  • H61ML
  • H61MH
  • H61MGB

Image Credit: Biostar

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