Biostar Board Hits 725MHz, Sets FSB World Record


Decide for yourself which is more impressive - that someone managed to set a new frontside-bus world record , or the fact that it was achieved using a Biostar motherboard. In Biblical speak, this would be like David taking on not only Goliath, but several giants with names like Asus and DFI. But this time it wasn't one of the usual suspects, and an overclocker who goes by the name Youngpro managed to maneuver the Biostar TPower I45 board's FSB all the way up to 725MHz , or an effective 2,900MHz quad-pumped. It took a healthy dose of LN2 to get there, making the achievement impractical for anything other than setting records, but Biostar? Also impressive (though not record setting), Youngpro pushed his Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 up from 3.16GHz to 5.07GHz in the process.

Image Credit: Biostar

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