Bing Sees More Search Queries in February

Maximum PC Staff

Microsoft might well be right--the Internet does go “bing”! comScore’s reporting that Microsoft’s Bing search engine saw a jump in use in February . More a lower-case “b” jump than a capital “B” jump, but a jump nonetheless.

comScore’s Core Search Report for February shows Goggle by far in the lead of search providers with 65.5 percent of all search queries, edging up slightly from its January total of 65.4 percent. Yahoo! was in second place with 16.8 percent of all search queries, down from 17.0 percent. Number three Bing was still number three with 11.5 percent of all searches, which was 0.2 points higher than in January.

The big deal here, if there is one, is Bing’s progress since its introduction last summer. It has constantly increased its share of the search query pie. The pace has been slow, but it has also been steady. And, at this rate of growth, it will only take 99 more months before Bing brings search giant Google to its knees.

Image Credit: Google

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