Bing Scoops Up 30% of the US Search Market

Maximum PC Staff

The geek community at large seems to be pretty loyal to the Google brand, however, out what seems like nowhere, Bing is finally picking up steam. According to a Hitwise report , Bing now accounts for 30% of all U.S. web searches, and most of their gains seem to have come at the expense of Google.

Bing has managed to grow its US search quarries by an impressive 11% over the last twelve months, while Google in contrast has dropped by the exact same amount. They are still a distant second at this point, however it’s hard to argue with this type of growth.

Bing just recently started rolling out its new social search design to compete with Google’s “Search Plus Your World”, however it remains to be seen if this will accelerate their growth, or drive everyone off.

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