Bing on Pace to Catch up to Yahoo This Year

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft’s new Bing search engine has made huge strides this year. Its market share is now somewhere north of 10%, and still increasing. Most of this increase is coming at the direct expense of Yahoo. In fact, some new projections indicate that Bing could pass Yahoo by the end of 2010 .

This increase in Bing’s market share didn’t just happen. Microsoft is spending a lot of money to get a piece of that sweet search pie. In addition to advertising, the Redmond giant has bought up toolbar deals and is basically paying companies to foist Bing on their users. Verizon recently pushed out an update to Blackberry users that made Bing their default search engine.

Yahoo is in the odd position of being pretty cozy with their would-be usurper. Yahoo sells the ads on Bing, and uses the Bing engine on their site. Still, Yahoo makes most of their money on their own ads. If their search market share continues to decline, 2010 could be a tough year for Yahoo.

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