Bing Mobile Goes HTML5, Windows Phone 7 Can't Partake

Ryan Whitwam

Google might be the biggest, but it isn't the only game in town when it comes to mobile search. Microsoft announced today that Bing Mobile has gotten a significant update that includes changes to the core HTML5 functionality. The new site is available on any mobile device that supports the necessary HTML5 standards. So Android and iOS are a go, but hilariously, Windows Phone 7 won't have the necessary support until later this year.

The UI of the search engine has been totally revamped with a scrolling list of options akin to the Windows Phone Metro UI. Users can pick from regular search, images, maps, local, and more. Image search has been improved with sliders and orientation detection, as well as just being faster. There is also a focus on location-based searches. For instance, when searching for movies, local times will be show as well.

It a nice update, but will anyone notice? Google dominates the space and Microsoft's own platform can't use all the new features. Let us know if you find value in the new Bing Mobile.

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