Bing Maps Upgraded with 165TB of High Resolution Imagery

Paul Lilly

Bing Maps this week added a boatload of satellite imagery and Global Ortho photography covering nearly 38 million square kilometers (over 23.6 million miles) over North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia. This represents Microsoft's largest satellite release to Bing Maps yet, which more than doubles the aerial footprint, which previously totaled 129TB of data.

A Bing Maps blog post announcing the publication of new aerial photography details a sampling of what's now available, from the Tongass National Forest in Alaska and Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada, to the Space Park Promenade in Germany and Sarychevo Peak Volcano in Russia.

"As of today the Global Ortho project is 85 percent acquired and published. Just this month, Bing Imagery Technologies hit a significant milestone by completing 100 percent of aerial photography over the United States," Microsoft said. "The photography in Europe is slated to be finished by this fall and all updated imagery should be published by the end of 2012."

Take a look for yourself by loading up Bing Maps World Tour and either watch a slideshow or go off exploring on your own.

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