Bing Lets Facebook Friends Tell You What You Like

Brad Chacos

Who would've thought Microsoft would add some emotion to the cold, hard algorithmic logic of search engine queries? The company isn't exactly know for wearing its heart on its sleeve. But effective immediately, Bing users can harness the power of Facebook to generate personalized search results.

Basically, Bing can now check out everything your Facebook friends "Like," then use the information to tweak your search results. Before, complex algorithms behind the scenes drove what you saw when you searched for a term. If you searched for "kick-ass comedies," you were at the mercy of Bing's bots to determine which comedies indeed kicked ass. How else can you explain the success of "Sex & the City 2"?

Now, when you search for "kick-ass comedies," Bing takes your friends' Likes into accounts. The more of your friends that Like something, the more likely it is to show up in your results. So, if all of your Facebook friends Liked Russell Brand in "Arthur," it'll show up tops in your Bing results, even though the critics hated it. You'll be able to see just how many of your friends Liked an item next to each search result.

Of course, all of this can backfire if all of your Facebook friends are idiots (or "Sex & the City 2" lovers). So, it might be time to give your Mom the old Facebook friend boot if you don't to be flooded with Oprah results.

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