Bing Inches Closers to Verb Status

Paul Lilly

Using Bing as a verb doesn't exactly roll off the tongue as fittingly as Google, but don't be surprised if you hear people doing it anyway. Microsoft's revamped search engine continues to gain in market share, while Google has come to halt.

"I do hear people saying 'I Binged it,'" says Danny Sullivan , who heads up the search analysis website Search Engine Land.

According to comScore, Bing searches are up 4 percent since its launch last year, while Google's share has remained flat at 64 percent. That's quite a turnaround from Microsoft's pre-Bing days, when the company's search share fell eight percent from 2004 to 2009. And in terms of monetary value, most of Microsoft's $6 billion in losses from its online business division were related to search, BusinessWeek reports.

None of this means Bing is going to catch up with Google, but that isn't necessarily the goal in the first place. You might remember that Microsoft and Yahoo struck a deal in late 2009 to have Bing power Yahoo's searches, and if both search sites don't give up any ground, Bing will power almost 30 percent of all searches.

"At that size, advertisers can't ignore them," says Matt Rosoff, an analyst with market research firm Directions for Marketing.

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