Bing Goes Back to School

Paul Lilly

Microsoft today announced a new Bing-powered education emporium called Redu. The goal, says Microsoft, is to give students, parents, teachers, and people in general a place to discuss current events and take action where they see fit.

"These aren't problems that can be solved in one administrative term or election cycle, and it's overwhelming for one corporation, political party, or community organization to think about alone," says Cameraon Evans, Microsoft's U.S. Education chief technology officer, in regards to educational issues like lack of school funding and academic performance. "The focus of Redu is to take these voices and put them together to bring about change."

Redu, or REDU if you want to spell it with all caps like Microsoft does, includes tools and resources to help ambitious would-be changers of the world who haven't yet been jaded. Things like setting up donations for local classroom projects to researching how to become a teacher in a particular state are all part of the Redu experience, explains Adam Sohn, a senior director of online services at microsoft.

"There's a lot going on but there isn't one place where people can come and participate in a discussion," Sohn says. "Redu is a good way for us to help people participate in one of the most important conversations that will happen in America over the next decade."

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