Bing Gains Share at a Breakneck Pace, Still Trails Google by Large Margin

Paul Lilly

For now, Google has nothing to worry about in the search market. Despite a 1 percent drop in month-on-month market share, Google is still crushing the competition with a 64.2 percent share, followed by Yahoo in a distant second at 14.3 percent. And what about Bing?

Yes, what about Bing. Microsoft's spunky search engine sits in third place with a 13.6 percent share of the market, and that alone doesn't sound particularly impressive. But make no mistake, Bing is on the up and up. While all but one other top five search engine showed a year-on-year drop in market share, Bing managed to move up by a whopping 51 percent. During that same period, Google moved backwards by 1 percent.

When you consider that Bing is now powering Yahoo's U.S. search operations, the market share outlook could look a whole lot more competitive this time next year. Google can afford to rest on its laurels for a little while longer, but after all this time at the top, we could soon be looking at a market share split.

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