Bing Gains Marginal Search Share in April, Google Still the King

Ryan Whitwam

The comScore numbers for April will likely have Microsoft employees cheering, but softly so as not to disturb the Ballmer. The data shows that Microsoft's Bing search engine continues to slowly gain market share as Google and the competition remain flat.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. Google is still top dog by leaps and bounds. El Goog is sitting up at 65.4% for the month of April, down just slightly from March's 65.7% share. Yahoo is next with 15.9% in April. Bing is currently at 14.1%, up from 13.9% in March. When you take Yahoo and Bing together (since Yahoo uses Bing search), the combo is at 30% market share.

If anything, this data shows how stable the search market is. Even with the massive ad campaigns Microsoft has undertaken, they are still only gaining slivers of the search share each month. It is also worth noting that comScore is tracking only desktop searches. Mobile searches are dominated by Google in a big way. Do you think Bing is here to stay, or will its share decline if the ads stop?

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