Bill & Melinda Gates Uphold Household Ban on Apple Products Despite the Death of Zune

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Zune is Dead, but Melinda Gates confirms the no Apple policy is still alive and well.

Back in June of 2011, Bill Gates conducted an interesting interview with the UK’s Daily Mail , and revealed a much more personal side of the ex-Microsoft CEO then we were used to. He opened up about his family life, an amusingly enough, he even admitted what he tells his kids when they ask Santa for an iPad. At the time Bill was adamant they were a Zune only family, but fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2012, and Zune is all but completely dead. So has this loosened up the no iDevice policy?

In a recent interview on Radio 4 in the UK , Melinda Gates reaffirms the ban is still in place. When asked if Bill Gate’s two daughters and one lone son still ask for Apple products, she replied without hesitation. Of course they do, she said. "But they get Windows technology," she added. "The wealth from our family came from Microsoft so why would we invest in a competitor?"

Melinda Gates also openly admits lusting after the iPhone prior to the launch of Windows Phone 7, calling the handset rather tasty. "Every now and then I look at my friends and say 'Ooh, I wouldn't mind having that iPhone’," she said.

Despite the ban, Melinda Gates also confirms Bill’s statement that the house of Jobs and Gates was at complete peace leading up to Steve’s death. It would appear the household policy is more about public perception than malice towards a competitor.

Rumor has it Jennifer Gates found a way to sneak an iPhone into the house at some point last year based on the picture above, but we assume it has since been confiscated based on this interview.

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