Bill Gates Shares His Thoughts on Google

Ryan Whitwam

Bill Gates is a many-faceted man. On one hand, his full-time job these days is to run a charitable foundation that provides vaccinations to poor children. On the other hand, he is still the Chairman and largest stock holder in Microsoft. There are times when he is called upon to comment on the tech industry and we see the old Billy Boy shine through.

In a recent chat with the New York Times, Gates commented on Google’s place in the business. When asked if Google was a monopoly Bill responded, “I wouldn’t call anyone a monopolist.” He went on to explain that Google was just in the club of “hyper-successful” companies that include Microsoft, IBM, and AT&T.

Gates seem unconcerned with Google’s huge lead in the search market. He stressed confidence in those working to increase Bing market share. As for Google’s recent confrontation with China, Gates affirmed his resounding indifference. “They’ve done nothing and gotten a lot of credit for it,” Gates said. To the founder and former CEO of Microsoft, Google has a lot to ground to make up before they’ll get his respect. He said in closing, “Now, if Google ever chooses to pull out of the United States, then I’d give them credit.” We’re sure Bill would love that.

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