Bill Gates: Billionaire, Harvard Dropout, and Now Twitter User


Semi-retirement must be doing Bill Gates good. The billionaire software guru turned philanthropist has finally found the time to join Twitter and let the world know what he's up to these days, 140 characters at a time. And as for his very first tweet?

"'Hello World.' Hard at work on my foundation letter - publishing on 1/25," Gates wrote.

This was followed by a couple of retweets and an exchange with Ryan Seacrest, as well as a note to prominent Twitter user Ashton Kutcher and "all the other people who have welcomed me. I've got a lot to learn about Twitter but look forward to sharing more."

No surprise, Gates managed to garner over 60,000 followers on on his first day, and now the morning of the second day already has nearly 190,000 followers (as of this writing).

Any guesses on how long will take him to hit the 1 million mark?

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