Bill Gates and Paul Allen Retake a 32-Year-Old Photo

Paul Lilly

Has it been three decades already?

Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen posed for what would become an iconic photo 32 years ago, the two software pioneers situated side-by-side and surrounded by then-cutting edge PCs. Much has changed in the computing world since that photo was taken way back in 1981, going from IBM 5150 machines running MS-DOS 1.0 to touchscreen Ultrabooks wielding Windows 8, but the men are the same, albeit a lot richer.

Allen posted the photo on his Twitter account with the accompanying message, "So much fun catching up w/ computing pioneers at the LCMCelebration last night! Here I am with old friend Bill Gates."

It was taken at Allen's Living Computer Museum in Seattle, WA, using the same model computers as the ones in the original pic three decades ago (and working, nonetheless!). Gone are Allen's beard and tie, and Gates pullover is different, but it's otherwise a near identical pic, they're just a little older now.

Were you playing with PCs back in 1981? What's the first PC you ever played on?

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