Big Boxee Update Squashes Lots of Bugs, Still No Vudu

Paul Lilly

Boxee Box owners should be receiving a fairly major firmware update in the next 24 hours, although if you don't want to wait, you can grab the latest release by heading to Settings>System>Update.

The new firmware adds a handful of goodies, such as settings to control de-interlacing and video filters configuration, support for language selection in subtitle/audio, enhancements to browser performance, direct launch of websites when defining the full URL in the search bar, and a few more. Missing from the list, however, is Vudu support.

"The change list is below, but we do have one frustrating bit to share with you. While we've been demoing Vudu without a hitch this week at the show (CES), there's still a few issues the technical team is trying to get to the bottom of. We'll push the app out to you as soon as it's ready and send out an email so you know the moment it goes live," Boxee said in a blog post.

Also included in the update are tons of bug fixes, more than 40 in all, most of which are minor in nature. See the full list here .

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