BFG Announces the GeForce 9800GTX+ OC 512MB


With ATI having finally jumped back into the ring with Nvidia, the two companies have been taking performance jabs at each other in tit-for-tat fashion. One of those jabs came last month as Nvidia tweaked its 9800GTX with a die shrink (65nm to 55nm) and clockspeed boosts culminating in a new card dubbed the 9800GTX+. So does that mean BFG's newly announced 9800GTX+ OC can be considered an overclocked, overclocked 9800GTX? Holy redundancy, Batman!

However you label it, BFG's 9800GTX+ OC ranks as one of the fastest G92-based videocards on the market:

  • Core Clockspeed: 760MHz (vs 738MHz)
  • Shader Clockspeed:1,890MHz (vs 1,836MHz)
  • Memory Clockspeed: 2,250MHz (vs 2,200MHz)

Also supported are the usual assortment of goodies, including PhysX support, 3-way SLI, HybridPower technology, DirectX 10, dual-link HDCP, and a bevy of other marketing bullets. The card also comes backed by BFG's 24-hour tech support and lifetime warranty (be sure to register online within 30 days of purchase).

But for all that it includes, BFG still doesn't allow end-users to overclock its videocard, nor are they trusted to swap out the stock cooler for a third-party solution without voiding the warranty (Boo!), a pair of liberties given to XFX and Evga owners.

Image Credit: BFG

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