Beware of Ultrabook Imposters (or Don't Be and Save a Few Bucks)

Paul Lilly

Intel's Ultrabook iniative is an attempt make notebooks sexy again, inside and out. Ultrabooks compete with Apple's MacBook Air and are designed to be both ultra stylish and ultra responsive, and of course feature Intel's Sandy Bridge platform inside. There are certain specifications vendors must meet to call a system an Ultrabook, some of which are not cheap to implement. For this reason, notebook makers are working on lower cost alternatives they can sell for around $600 and still flip a profit.

DigiTimes claims to have spoken with "industry sources" who tipped the news and rumor site to an upcoming crop of systems that will appear similar in style to Ultrabooks with ultra slim cases, but will use cheaper components and sell for much less. Hollow hinges, metal/aluminum bodies, and solid state drives (SSDs) are all things you won't find on these Ultrabook alternatives.

Details are sparse at this point and it's unclear if these lower priced systems will feature AMD hardware inside or perhaps slower Intel processors like Celeron CPUs, nor was there mention of any other specific corners that would be cut.

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