Beware of Fake iPhone 5 Emails Containing Malware

Paul Lilly

Apple's much hyped iPhone press event has brought the Web's worst out of the woodwork (we're talking about hackers, not Apple fanyboys, in case that's not clear) who are trying to get gullible users to click on malicious links. The email appears to come from Apple and seemingly provides details about "the new Apple iPhone 5GS," and that alone is a dead giveaway that something's fishy. Apple announced the iPhone 4S today, not the iPhone 5GS.

According to security firm Sophos , the spoofed email contains links that direct users to Windows malware. Sophos detects it as Mal/Zapchas-A.

The email has been making the rounds since yesterday, and now that Apple has unveiled its next generation smartphone, don't be surprised if the creators tweak the message to reflect the iPhone 4S. As always, safe computing practices apply -- rather than click on links in emails, type the URL directly into your browser.

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