Beware of Bogus bin Laden Search Results

Paul Lilly

So the big news over the weekend is that U.S. forces tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden in a gunfight, who was later buried at sea. To be clear, the 'PC' in 'Maximum PC' doesn't stand for 'Politically Correct' or else we'd be all over this. Rather than open that can of worms, as topics on politics, religion, and capital punishment tend to do, we'll instead point out that scammers are using bin Laden's death to spread malware. Color us not the least bit surprised.

According to CNet , it didn't take long for malicious webmasters to capitalize on the situation by spreading malware infested websites optimized to show up on Web searches related to the incident. Image searches and videos are proving particularly popular.

"As always, when big news appear in the press the bad guys start blackhat SEO campaigns in popular search engines trying to lure users to install Rogueware," security vendor Kaspersky said in a blog post . "It's not different this time, with the top news about Osama bin Laden's death being everywhere. The bad guys were quite fast and started to poison search results in Google Images."

According to Kaspersky, some of the image results redirect to malicious domains, at least two of which are serving up fake antivirus software.

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