Bethesda Drops Lawsuit against Interplay, Fallout MMO Goes Full Steam Ahead

Nathan Grayson

Sometimes, Fallout 3 creator Bethesda does things we like – for instance, develop excellent videogames. But other times, Bethesda does things we’re not quite so gung-ho about, like attempting to halt the development of someone else’s potentially excellent videogame. With that in mind, we bet you can’t guess how we felt about the Bethesda’s lawsuit against Interplay , which aimed to nip the struggling publisher’s Fallout MMO in the bud before it’d even taken its first steps.

An overjoyed Interplay investor, however, recent let it slip that Bethesda had a change of heart for whatever reason, leading the publisher to drop its lawsuit altogether. Hooray!

“Bethesda dropped their appeal of the lawsuit with Interplay and a secret deal was struck (maybe they will release the terms of the deal soon, probably so). Anyways, this is awesome news for Interplay stock. The appeal by Bethesda was dropped yesterday. I'm assuming part of the deal was that Interplay drop their countersuit against Bethesda,” said the investor.

“At any rate, this will likely mean that V13 will be moving full steam ahead, terms of the new deal not yet known but the fact that the game will be made is nothing but good news for Interplay.”

Shame, though, that steam engines are still pretty darn slow . Oh well. At least we’ll have Fallout: New Vegas to keep us company while we wait.

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