Bethesda Announces Prey 2, Rumors Say It's Not What You're Expecting

Maximum PC Staff

It's been nearly five years since Prey first preyed on gamers' free time, so allow us to refresh your memory: the game starred a Cherokee garage mechanic who was having kind of a bad day . You know how it is: your relationship is on the rocks, you're struggling with your identity, and then aliens decide to cram you into a glistening orifice within their hideous living spaceship. Typical.  Now the good news: Bethesda's announced Prey 2 . And the potentially bad news? Rumor has it that it's a Prey sequel in name only.

First up, here's what we know for sure: Prey 2 is in development at Human Head Studios – the same folks who put their human heads together to brainstorm up the original. For now, it's been pegged with a vague “2012” release date.

And now, the stuff they don't want you to know (until a silly embargo lifts on some arbitrary date): According to Kotaku , Prey 2 tells the story of an air marshal who began his all-expenses-paid, won't-take-no-for-an-answer tour of space at the same time as original main character Tommy. After the two briefly cross paths, however, the game flashes forward many years, finding the air marshal on a strange dystopian alien planet. Turns out, he's the only human on the whole damn rock, so he takes up a gig as a bounty hunter because... why not?

Your, er, aggressive business ventures, then, unfold in the form of an open-world first-person shooter. Also – while we're not recommending you judge a book by its cover – your character appears to look quite a bit like a bald space marine.

Of course, we might be getting all bent out of shape for nothing. Details are, after all, still scarce. But Tommy – while hardly the greatest videogame character of all time – was a nice break from the FPS genre's typical torrent of manly military men and the aforementioned space marines. Let's just hope Human Head hasn't lost sight of that fact.

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