Best Gaming Headsets



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I think a very promising sound technology to keep an ear our for (no pun intended) is AMD's TrueAudio tech. You can read more about it here: 

I've had a chance to use it recently and it sounds way more immersive than today's conventional audio. It renders three-dimensional audio on the GPU and provides a very impressive sense of situational awareness. Though there are two potential downsides to this: 1) you're going to need a new AMD GPU and 2) we're not sure which games will support it as of yet.



If you want professional, quantifiable audio comparisons between headphones, you are on the wrong website entirely.

InnerFidelity, Head-Fi, HeadRoom, and Headphonia are your best bets.

Your keyword is "soundstage" and while you're at it, look up why and how those "7.1 channel" headsets (even when they have 6 drivers or whatever) are worse than a good pair of open-back headphones in the quality-of-soundstage department.

Soundstage > "surround sound" gimmicks

Oh, and since you can attach a boom mic to a pair of headphones, why buy headsets for ridiculous markups?


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The two things I want out of gaming headphones. 1) Direction. Sound has a direction and I need to be able to tell what direction it's coming from. It helps a lot with gaming. 2) Clarity. That one is rather self explanatory.

How does soundstage differ or match, or improve on 7.1 surround for #1 above.



I have to agree with you. I was one of those doubters. Thought gaming headsets are suppose to be better for gaming. How wrong I was. My online buddy told me to get sennishers 558 headhpones and I noticed the diffrence.



So if we get one of the headsets that have a 3.5mm connection, we would have to invest in our own sound card if we wanted fancy audio?
*whispers* Best Gaming Sound Cards next? Weeeeeeeeee!



You can use the front headers on your PC no problem, but what you really want is Dolby Headphone processing at a hardware level. An ASUS Xonar can be had for around $30 and is well recommended on any audiophile website.



Google USB mixamp and take your pick.

Outboard USB/ Firewire > on-board discreet or integrated audio