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I am also let down by your search function. I typed in Carbonite and it brought me here. No Carbonite I can see. My company is going to start using it because they say it's the best fit for us and I would think you would consider it. If even just to give it a low rating. Guess I have to go to PC Mag. to get what I need.




Use Live Drive.. Two terabytes of fully encrypted storage that you have the ability to access from any computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere for $12/mo... great stuff. I got the briefcase option.

This company offers the best price I can find as far as quality cloud storage goes.
Here's the link to the different packages



Use Live Drive.. Two terabytes of fully encrypted storage that you have the ability to access from any computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere for $12/mo… great stuff. I got the briefcase option. This company offers the best price I can find as far as quality cloud storage goes. Here’s the link to the different packages



Copy is the best alternative, its easy to use and fast. Get 20GB free using this link:



Link to LiveDrive. TWO TERABYTES (2048gb) for $8/mo.
Here is the url for free sign up if you wanna try it.



Actually, OneDrive is a pretty good option that also has built in Word, etc. Use this link to get extra storage from the 7 gb they give you:



Lots of great smaller services missed. Symform, for example, lets you earn unlimited cloud storage by contributing local drive space.



Seriously, Copy is better than all of these. You can get 20 GB free storage with this link:



Thanks for the link!
pretty fantastic cloud service.



Why use

15 GB initial free storage

Best referral program: 5 GB for both

Fair sharing program (split the bill on storage when you share files, like sharing a bill in a restaurant)

You can use my referral link to apply and get your first 5GB referral bonus:

Register, install the PC, mobile (or both) app, and reply
COPY verification Email (sent to Updates tab in Gmail)


Amit Mittal

Copy is best available option. There interface is great and you can get more space as compared to any other option for free as they provide 15 GB free + 5 GB for each referral (referral bonus is given to both users who use referral link to signup and who provided referral link). You can use my referral link to signup to get started with 20 GB free storage:



I don't understand why these types of reviews never include Copy in them. From what I've seen thus far, it's the best service out there.
You start out with 20gb of free storage if you sign up from a referral link, and each person you refer gets you 5gb more. That can add up fast.
Here's my referral link if you'd like to check it out:



Very good post thanks a lot. Recently I found
as very simple but cheap( 100 GB @ $1) file hosting service. I am using it from last 2 months and its working as per my requirement.



Yes it would have been nice to see a side-by-side comparison of features, and maybe different suggestions (Such as the most secure, fastest uploads, easiest interface to use, etc). This is more or less a summary of all of them, which someone with Google could figure out by googling each one.

I, for one, am looking for the most secure online service (with encryption). Not so much speed or even interface.



I'm surprised you haven't mentioned Zoolz; the software developed by Genie9. I've been using it for quite some time now and am very pleased to have chosen such a reliable and low cost software at the same time (even if i've downloaded it by mistake, i'm glad i did because i ended up keeping it) ;) So I would recommend reviewing it so that more people would benefit :)



Wow, that's one of the best comparisons I've seen around (even if Google Drive is strangely missing). However, I recently found I use cloud drives less and less. Whatever your limit is, you're going to hit it sooner than later, and then if you need to share anything, you have to do a lot of shuffling between your cloud drive and local drive… I think it's much better to use the cloud for online backup only. I now share everything I need to share through Filemail - you can use it to transfer any number of files up to 30GB each for free. No registration and huge speeds.

Simpler than moving files in&out and managing sharing credentials.



With the recent suspicious federal court policy in the TOS of DropBox, I am worried, I did opt-in not to be included in the new TOS. But, once I received the email about it, I started taking MegaCloud more serious. And their MegaSync App is really fast, I uploaded 2.3GB within 25 minutes!

Also, there is a service that seldom I use, that I signed up for, for free long time ago, which is ADrive.

ADrive offers 50GB for free since -=> 2007 <=- (probably earlier too,
but I signed up in 2007) and the good thing is, no expiration for files. I literally didn't visit the site for 4 years and I was shocked to see the files I uploaded there still intact. The down side is you have to use the web browser unless you want to pay for the WebDav feature and others (there are plenty).



Google drive is probably the most popular cloud storage solution at the moment or a close second to dropbox.

It seems somewhat strange that it's excluded from this review. I use Google Drive on a daily basis and pay the small fee for 100gb extra a month. Its amazing, its on of them apps that make your life that little easier.



i think MEGA have a client APP some months now ...

How old are your "news" ?



Said this earlier, but at the time this article was written (months and months ago, primarily for the magazine), Mega had yet to release its desktop sync client.



buy a synology nas, throw in 2x 4tb drives, call it a day



this is by far the worst review, not even reveiw list, I have ever seen. Even I can google cloud syncing and prices and you missed google drive!



So the article is simply a list of some of the different cloud storage apps? Not even a summary at the end? no greyed box summarizing the best and worst? Not even an accurate description of the services... didn't you guys do any research? 5min on wikipedia even?

My Dropbox keeps growing.

Also, Dropbox offers 'Business' accounts for $15/mo with 1TB+ (more if needed at no extra cost) storage.



Dropbox is better



Bitcasa sounds pretty awesome. Thought I'd give it a go and possibly buy the yearly subscription. However it's priced similarly to Amazon for the unlimited. That $99 isn't for a year it's per month! (or $999 a year)

After the free 5GB the pricing is:

Premium 1TB $10/month or $99/year
Pro 5TB $49/month or $499/year
Infinite Unlimited $99/month or $999/year



The only problem with Bitcasa is the device limit.
3 devices for free 20gb.
5 for 1tb and up.



Regarding Mega: "it doesn’t even offer a downloadable app to make it easier", correct me if i'm wrong,but isn't a downloadable app for syncing?



At the time this article was written (months and months ago), said client was still in the works.  You are correct, however; there is a sync client available now.



If you're looking to store 500GB to 1TB+ of data you will have trouble uploading all that data, even if your connection is great, as uploading will take to long for services such as Crash-plan, Blackblaze, and Carbonite, and a few others. I tested out all these services extensively and I couldn't even upload faster than 10mbit/s at best on some of the most well known unlimited services, and I have a 100Mbit upload speed.

My recommendation if your looking for a pure backup solution in case of hardware failure is Amazon Glacier Services, or use Zoolz(around 30 a year). Zoolz(uses Amazon glacier) offers cheap yearly plans for unlimited storage, other useful tools on their site, and fast uploading speeds. The only fault with Zoolz is it takes a very long time to restore data using glacier servers.

I recommend Bitcasa too as 1TB for $99 a year isn't to bad price wise compared to other services and upload and download speeds are good.

Livedrive is also a good one to consider, but I didn't like it for configuring backups though; speeds were average.

I wouldn't trust MEGA though for backups, it's to risky. Used very heavily for illegal file sharing.

I have to many TB of data to even try to backup online, so a server rack is more economical for me. GB pricing isn't the only thing to consider for huge data backups as you need a reliable connection so you're not waiting 3-6 months to restore your data locally. Most of these recommended services are great for the average user. I highly recommend personally testing out these services before paying for them; most of these services have trials.



No mention of I have 25gb of free storage, and a very well written sync application.



I also really like Copy, and I have 35 GB free. I use dropbox (mostly family videos), google drive (mostly documents), ubuntu one, and Mega also, but Copy is my favorite.



Yeah, I've been using Copy for a while now, and really like it. Shame not to see it in the list.



No mention of Google Drive?



It is kind of weird to leave that one out. Figured that would be an obvious one to have on a list like this.