Best Buy Suspends the Creator of iPhone 4 vs. EVO 4G Parody

Justin Kerr

The iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO 4G video went viral a few days ago with well over 2 million views, but some executives over at Best Buy aren't laughing . Apparently using other videos uploaded under his profile, managers with the electronics retailing giant were able to determine his real life identity as an employee and have placed him on suspension pending review.

Corporate Best Buy has apparently requested he take the video down, but creator Brian Maupin has rightfully declined considering that it was done on his own time, and in no way references the company. The irony of the whole situation is that Best Buy feels slandered by the video, but in reality is likely to incur more negative press as a result of their unjustified persecution of Brian. They would have been far better off if they simply ignoring it, but it's too late to cover it up now.

Scroll on down to check out the video for yourself.

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