Best Buy Rolls Out Nationwide Used Game Trade-In Program

Paul Lilly

Electronics chain Best Buy has been experimenting with the used game business by offering customers store credit for trading in their pre-owned titles, a service which just recently was expanded to include 600 stores across the nation.

"The expansion of our trade-in program reaffirms our commitment to consistently pursue new ways to bring a better gaming experience to consumers," said Chris Homeister, GM of the home entertainment group at Best Buy. "Fall marks the launch of several highly-anticipated gaming titles and new technology, and we're thrilled to provide gamers with innovative ways to connect with the games they love."

By October, Best Buy will have rolled the service out to the rest of its 1,089 stores, and while there haven't been any specifics yet, the company is also reportedly going to start selling used games at its stores soon.

Trade-In Details

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